Godzilla Garden Gnome


£24.99 £22.75

  • Novelty T-Rex garden ornament
  • T-Rex munches hapless gnomes
  • 9 inches tall and 6 inches at base
  • Made of durable cast polyresin
  • Great novelty garden ornament

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Godzilla Garden Gnome

“RAWWR!” This Godzilla Garden Gnome ornament is coming to eat all the hapless gnomes in your garden. Please be warned that this product is not suitable for die-hard gnome lovers.

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre ornament features a T-Rex munching down on 4 different gnomes, 2 of which have already given up the ghost. The T-Rex holds one of the gnomes in its mouth, holds 2 others and is stamping on the last.  Place this in your garden to instill fear into your existing gnomes, or if you’re not a gnome fan then grab one to warn gnomes what will happen if they venture onto your turf.

This ornament stands on a solid base painted to look like sandstone that measures 6 inches across. The figurine itself stands at 9 inches tall. The entire statuette is made from durable cast poly-resin ensuring it can withstand the elements and stay in your garden all year round.

This would make a great gift for someone that loves novelty ornaments or for people that really hate those pesky gnomes!

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