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McLovin ID Card Replica from Superbad

If you’re a fan of the hilarious comedy “Superbad,” you’re probably familiar with the iconic McLovin ID card. This beloved memorabilia item has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, and you can now own a piece of movie history by getting your hands on the McLovin ID Card available on Etsy UK.

The McLovin ID Card Replica


Ultra High-Definition Print: When it comes to owning a piece of memorabilia, quality matters. The McLovin ID Card available on Etsy UK stands out because of its ultra-high-definition print. With a resolution of 5760-by-1440 dpi, these prints are in a league of their own. Unlike cheap prints on paper, this card is professionally printed, ensuring that the Mclovin ID card replica from Superbad pop out vividly, making it an authentic replica of the original movie prop.

Same Size and Feel as a Credit Card: To truly appreciate the craftsmanship of this McLOVIN ID Card, you’ll notice that it’s designed to be the same size and feel as a real credit card. This attention to detail ensures that you’re getting an authentic and immersive experience. Holding this card in your hand will transport you back to the unforgettable scenes of “Superbad.”


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