Pulp Fiction Gnome



  • Gnome has great features
  • Hand painted and weatherproof
  • Funny and great for front yards, gardens, offices or anywhere a gnome will lurk
  • Stands approximately 9.5 Inches tall

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Pulp Fiction Gnome

“Say what again!! I dare you – I double dare you – Say what one more time!”

No unwelcome rodents will dare to trespass in your garden while the Jules Winnfield  garden gnome is standing guard.

Guests to your garden will no doubt have plenty to say when you show them this bad ass gun toting gnome protecting your rose bushes – but I’m sure what they won’t be saying “what?”!

Engraved at the bottom of the gnome is the now classic “say what again” quote from the great Pulp Fiction film.

A fine gift for all fans of Pulp Fiction and gardening!

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