Lego Taj Mahal Set


LEGOs aren’t just for kids – this LEGO Taj Mahal set contains just under six thousand pieces and is not for inexperienced LEGO builders. This highly detailed and time consuming LEGO kit makes a great gift for the master LEGO builder looking for a real challenge.

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With the Lego Creator expert set “Taj Mahal” you can create one of the greatest architectural wonders in the world. This impressive LEGO interpretation of a building that is regarded around the globe as a symbol of undying love was originally launched in 2008 and has now been re-issued to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. The model consists of more than 5,900 Lego parts and captures the splendour of this enormous mausoleums made of ivory-coloured marble. In the foreground there are the elaborately crafted facades with curved gables, balconies, arched windows and countless details. Decorative crowning features adorn the middle roof dome, the domed secondary chambers and the rising minaret. A raised, elaborately decorated platform surrounded by gables and detailed tiles at the base gives this magnificent model the final touch.

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