The Godfather Gnome



  • Funny and a great addition to front yards, gardens, offices or anywhere a gnome will lurk
  • Stands approximately 9.5 Inches tall
  • Hand painted and weatherproof
  • BEWARE of counterfeits and knockoffs sold by other companies. Only products sold by BigMouth Inc are genuine

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The Godfather Gnome

He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse and sit in your garden, or by your pond! This Godfather Gnome is made from resin and is 100% weather-proof.

Makes a great gift for fans of The Godfather, gardeners in general, fans of Gnomes, or Italian fans of the Godfather who like gardening and garden gnomes!

This is one gnome which demands to be treated with respect! (If you don’t want to find yourself thrown into your own garden pond – sleeping with the fishes!)

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