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Alien Board Game

A perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. REPORT ISSUED BY DALLAS, ARTHUR: An Alien is stalking us on board the Nostromo, and Executive Officer Kane is dead. The remaining crew and I are working together to patch the hole in our ship while we’re hunted down one by one.

Be the last player standing as you use your wits, luck, and strategic moves to fend off the deadly Xenomorph with Aliens: The Board Game!

The Weyland-Yutani commercial starship NOSTROMO has been infested with a deadly Alien! The crew will need to work together to gather supplies, gather items, and escape before they’re picked off one by one.

In the Alien board game, one player takes on the role of the Alien and controls its movement secretly. The other players are humans and can see where the human players move. Playing as either the human survivors or the secret alien, you must work together to complete your shared goal of escaping from the Nostromo before time runs out.

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