Save the Clock Tower Flyer


  • Back To The Future Replica Movie Prop
  • Jennifer’s I Love You and phone number printed on rear
  • A4 Size

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Iconic replica prop as seen in Back To The Future. This truly memorable prop from Back To The Future is yours to own with this replica version, includes Jennifer’s little note to Marty on the rear. The flyer is seen at the start of the classic movie when Marty and Jennifer are walking through Hill Valley Courthouse Square. As they sit Marty and Jennifer are approached by a volunteer who proceeds to talk about the defunct clock tower situated on the court house behind. She gives Marty a copy of this flyer and. The flyer also makes an appearance later in 1955 when Marty shows Doc the flyer as he describes the lightning attack on the clock. Document is A4 size. Great item for any fan or collector of Back To The Future memorabilia.

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