Gauntlet of the Dark Lord Sauron



  • Handmade Item
  • Crafted of genuine leather and iron
  • Presented with wall mount display
  • perfect gift for medieval lovers

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The ultimate in The Lord of the Rings collectibles, this authentically detailed gauntlet is a reproduction of the gauntlet prominently featured in the blockbuster film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. United Cutlery Brands, an industry leader in movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual prop and close attention to detail is a priority in every piece. This gauntlet is actor’s scale and wearable, crafted with antiqued iron parts featuring an intaglio surfacing and a genuine leather-lined interior that precisely matches the original movie prop, which has more than 30 moving pieces. The index finger bears the familiar One Ring that features a 24-K gold plated finish and engraved inscription. Each gauntlet is presented with a glass dome and wood display stand also adorned with The One Ring inscription and a brass medallion. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide and is individually serialized on a solid brass plate mounted on the inside of the gauntlet to ensure authenticity.

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