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Ghostbusters Licence Plate Replica Ecto 1

You know what your car needs? A Licenced Ghostbusters Licence Plate Replica. We’ve all done it – driven down to the shops for some milk, or to the off licence for another bottle of grape juice for the wife – and driven slightly faster that the legal limit, all the time imagining that we were behind the wheel of the famous Ghostbusters vehicle – Ecto 1. Maybe you had the windows down and were piping out the classic Ray Parker Jr theme song from your car radio as you sped along? But it never felt right did it. Try as you might, it never really felt like you were actually driving Ecto-1.

Well, we here at the Goblin and Sausage have just the solution! A replica Ghostbusters Licence Plate – just for you! What’s more – if you happen to get pulled over by the police for speeding, or driving with an illegal unregistered licence plate – you can say “Don’t worry, officer – this Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Licence plate is fully approved by Universal Studios!”

FUN FACT: In the United Kingdom Registration Plates are often called “Number Plates”!

If you do want to stay on the right side of the law, you can alternatively fix the plate to your man-cave wall, or gift it as a gift to a Ghostbusters fan (or number plate fan) etc etc. It has hundreds of uses! Oh – and it also comes in a very fetching Slimer inspired packaging.

All together now – “If there’s something strange…. in the neighborhood…. who you gonna call…?”



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