The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Minimates


  • It’s doggone good, it might be bad, but it sure ain’t ugly!
  • A must-have for any Clint Eastwood fan.
  • Put the Minimates spin on this classic Western!
  • Sculpted and designed by Art Asylum
  • Each Minimate is 2-inches tall

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Minimates Boxset

Amazing collection of minmates from the Sergio Leone film “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”. Highly collectible figures. Included are Blondie (The Man With No Name), Angel Eyes, and Tuco as they all appear in the climactic final showdown – with an extra version of The Man With No Name appearing as he does throughout the majority of the film.

Guns are included for each character, which are all perfect renditions of the character’s guns in the film. Angel Eyes just has a normal revolver, but both of Blondie’s guns have the silver rattlesnakes on the grip, and Tuco’s has the loop on the handle for the rope that he uses to hang the gun around his neck. These are extremely detailed little Minimates; their weapons, their costumes, and their facial expressions are all very faithful reproductions from the film and 100% accurate.

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