Harry Potter Hogwarts Bathrobe


  • Harry Potter Bathrobe Hogwarts for Unisex
  • multicolour
  • 100% Polyester
  • Slide-in side pockets

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When you’re in need of some magic in your evening routine and feel like dressing for the part, this awesome Hogwarts Bathrobe is just the thing you’re after.

Made from comfy 100% polyester, this cosy robe has two front pockets, deep enough to carry your phone or other nick-nacks as necessaryIt has an awesome woven Hogwarts crest on the front, perfect for showing off your school allegiances, especially to any annoying Ilvermorny or arrogant Beauxbatons students who happen to be passing by. It also has red and yellow scarf detailing, so you can show off your Gryffindor pride (sorry, Slytherins!). It even has oversized sleeves for extra comfort.

This is a superb robe for all wizarding occasions. Though we’d say it’s best not to wear it to Snape’s lessons – we accept no responsibility for deducted house points.

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