I was in a toy stop in Italy recently and came across this strange game. “Attenzione allo sciacquone” – which translates as “Beware of the toilet flush”, So it got me to thinking, what other weird and strange board games do we have here in the UK? Turns out there are a few, including the classic “Hey Pa, there’s a goat on the roof”.

Trump – The Game!

From the reviews – “I  have previously owned this game and found it to be inspiring. After only 2 games I had painted myself a hint of tangerine and taken to wearing softened shredded wheat in replace of hair.”

Don’t Step On It!

“Sometimes players will have to add a poop, remove a poop, or even re-arrange the poops along the mat. Who can avoid the number twos to be number one to win?”

The Backbone

Be Advised: This game is “Just only for intelligent people”

Town Dump

I couldn’t find this on sale anywhere – but I found the next best thing! The Official Town Dump Board Game Fridge Magnet! Grab it soon while stocks last

Pinky Lee and the Runaway Frankfurters

It’s fabulous.. sensational… entertaining… just like Pinky!

The Funny Finger Game

This sounds marvelous fun!

“Funny Fingers everywhere, sticking out here and there! Match each finger one by one, Funny Finger is funny fun!
Players match up other players’ fingers (sticking through holes in the finger fence).”

Mr Bacon’s Big Adventure

“Join Mr. Bacon in his mouthwatering journey to the frying pan ! On your way you’ll navigate through Mustard Marsh, cross the eerie expanse of the Weiner Wasteland, and sail the Sausage Sea. If you avoid getting stuck in Gristle Grotto and make it past Vegan Alley you might just be the first to make it to the final destination-the frying pan. The first one to make it to the end of the trail first wins ! Good luck on your meaty journey ! For 2-4 players. Ages 8+. Includes game board with spinner, four game pieces with plastic stands, twenty-four game cards. Comes with alternate rules that turn the game into a gluttonous meat feast!”


Continuing the Bacon theme… This is the game that really brings home the bacon!


Continuing the monopoly theme.. player tokens have been altered for this game- now you can choose from a jeep, teddy bear, blow drier, leather cap, handcuffs or a stiletto heel!

Hey Pa! There’s a goat on the roof!

From the description – “The playing board is a fitted three dimensional structure that one might expect to find on a farm. ” ???

Life As A Blackman

How racist is this?? “Players may find themselves going to Church to right past wrongs, or spend time in Prison for making bad decisions. “

Feeley Meeley

“2-4 players feel around inside the grab box, trying to be the first one to pull out the correct object.”

Public Assistance

From the Amazon reviews – “Great game. Disturbing that the seller sent along a bible with it attempting to coerce me into their religious perspective.”

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