• It’s a mini Thor’s Hammer bottle opener!
  • Comes attached to a keychain for easy carrying
  • Officially licensed Marvel merch
  • Thunderful scale replica of Thor’s Hammer
  • Perfect for any thirsty Thor fan!

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Mortal hands cannot open a bottle. But, if they are worthy, they can wield an instrument that will give them unlimited power over pesky bottle-tops. That power: this Thor’s Hammer bottle opener keyring!

In Asgard, this magical hammer is known as Mjølnir. On Earth, we just think it’s a pretty awesome way to get to the sweet nectar of the gods that hides underneath crimped bottle-tops, which the future just refuses to leave behind.

A perfect replica of the otherworldly war hammer entrusted to the god of thunder, just a little smaller, this Thor’s Hammer bottle opener will let you rule over man-made mead, pop, and pretty much anything else that comes in a bottle. And, you can attach your car and house keys to it, giving you the power to travel at great speeds and enter safe realms.

If you want godlike power over mortal drinking apparatus, this is the artefact you’ve been searching Thor! Get your Thor’s Hammer keychain bottle opener today!

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