Rick And Morty Get Schwifty Beer Glass


  • Fully licensed premium large glass.
  • 0.5l coloured glass included
  • Carefully packaged to reach you in perfect condition
  • Hand wash only
  • Inspired By You. Created By Us.

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Rick And Morty: adultswim’s best foot went forward with this awesome cartoon series, which has created some absolutely amazing and iconic moments in television history. Now, you can have one of them shoved in your face while you enjoy a nice cold drink! Yay…?

Alright, we kid, we kid, this Get Schwifty Glass is awesome. Like, properly awesome. The colourful “Get Schwifty” design (complete with Rick and Morty emerging from a vortex on one side, and the lyrics to the cool ‘Get Schwifty’ song on the other) is stylised and cool, and the glass itself is large and sturdily designed, with a handle for that extra awesome handling action.

If you’re a fan of this iconic cartoon, this Pint Glass is exactly what you want.

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