Mr Wilson Volleyball


  • Outdoor volleyball for beginners, Replica of “Mr Wilson” ball from the film Cast Away
  • Approx. Weight: 0.59 lb, Circumference: 2.19 ft.
  • 18 panels of high quality synthetic leather for ultimate wear resistance, Rubber bladder maintains ideal inflation
  • Optimal air pressure from 0,17 to 0,22 bar, Easy to inflate with ball pump (separately available), at a sports store or gas station
  • Contents: 1 Wilson Volleyball, Mr. Wilson from the film Cast Away, Outdoor, Colour: White/Red, WTH4615XDEF

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Wilson Mr Wilson Castaway Volleyball comeback from legendary Mr. Wilson from the 20th century fox movie cast away PU cover material 18 panel machine stitched construction volleyball Mr. Wilson Castaway New Size 5. Ideal for the recreational sports in strong design

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