• It’s the Infinity Gauntlet… in mug form!
  • Already has all 6 Infinity Stones in place
  • Has a gold finish and Mad Titanic detail
  • Gain total control over hot drinks
  • Perfect for any Marvel fan
  • Cannot guarantee it was forged by a giant Peter Dinklage

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The Infinity Gauntlet gives you the power to remove weakness from your body, assume total mental awesomeness, and generally feel invincible… kind of like your morning cuppa! So, it makes perfect sense that you should be getting that power from the Infinity Gauntlet itself. Or, at least, this Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet mug!

This mug is so well-designed that Thanos himself would be happy to stick his hand in it. But, he doesn’t get to. It’s strictly for your hot beverages… and maybe a biscuit or two. As for the outside, it’s the colour of galactic gold and contains more detail than an Avengers plot. It’s also decorated with all six Infinity Stones, making sure that your caffeine highs have their maximum supremacy.

Even though it’s adorned with them, this mug is a gem itself! So, wield it with care. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and with great coffee comes a morning of alertness!

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