• It’s a Star Wars bathrobe that’ll have you looking like Yoda!
  • Robe is 100% super-soft, tan polyester
  • Has a green hood with Yoda ears and a green belt
  • Back features an embroidered Jedi logo
  • Perfect for Star Wars fans, it is!

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Have something special for you, we do… It’s a Star Wars Yoda bathrobe with a set of ears that’ll have you feeling like the reclusive little lightsaber legend himself!

Master Yoda’s murky planet in the Dagobah system, his minimalist hut, and his sack-like robes don’t exactly scream comfort. But, this 100% polyester robe might just be the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear! Plus, it has a hood featuring Yoda ears that you can flip up whenever you want to look like a wise old Jedi. Oh, and a stylishly embroidered Jedi logo, this robe has… right on the back (which, incidentally, is Yoda’s favourite spot to sit and watch Luke’s progress).

If you’re a Yoda fan, there is no ‘think about it’. There’s only buy, or buy not. But, you know, buy… before this awesome Star Wars Yoda bathrobe disappears like we’re half way through Empire!

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