Star Wars Jedi Dressing Gown

£55.00 £48.00

  • Jedi logo embroidered on the front
  • Made from 100% cotton velour and machine washable
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • 25245
  • Features two front pockets, belt and large hood
  • Approximate robe dimensions 144cm in length with 68cm chest (measured across front)

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This soft robe simulates the very robe worn by those masters of the Force, the Jedi Knights!! May the Force be with you………… Description Star Wars Jedi Adult Toweling Bathrobe Made from 100% Cotton One Size Fits Most – This is an oversized robe based around the loose fitting robes worn in the Star Wars Films Brown bathrobe with over sized fitting, large hood and sleeves. Brown Jedi logo on chest.

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