Back To The Future Written Warning Letter


  • Back To The Future replica prop
  • Package contains 3 Back To The Future replica props
  • Hand-made, authentic-looking replica
  • Wrapped in Back to the Future inspired packaging

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Fantastic replica letter as seen in Back To The Future Part I. The vintage letter is seen when Marty unsuccessfully races forward in time to prevent the shooting of Doc Brown in the Lone Pine Mall car park. As Doc Brown is shot, Marty looks on in horror. It’s not until Marty reaches Doc that he realises he still alive and has been wearing a bullet proof vest as he reveals the torn up letter that Marty had written him in 1955. This hand-made replica is cut and taped to look similar to the original and printed onto stained paper to give the aged look. Great item for any fan or collector of Back To The Future memorabilia. Also included is an original copy of the letter and a replica of the envelope used by Marty to send the letter to Doc.

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