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  • Stormtrooper Cheese Board & Knife Set based on the original helmet mould
  • Made from responsibly sourced Cherry Wood
  • Laser-etched Stormtrooper on cheeseboard and knives
  • Perfect gift for a Star Wars fan (or cheese fan)
  • Measures approx: 24.5 x 25 x 3.2 cm

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Stormtrooper Cheese Board & Knife Set

Just when you think that they must have run out of ideas for Star Wars related products, this Stormtrooper Cheeseboard & Knife Set proves there’s STILTON’s left!

When cutting your cheese, I hope you do so with more accuracy than those poor old Stormtroopers, who must have the worst aim in movies. Admit it, their aim could be a lot CHEDDER.

But spare a thought for them, they have nowhere to live since their home (the death star) was reduced to de BRIE!

Boom Boom!

Perfect for Star Wars fans and Cheese fans everywhere, this fantasic stormtrooper cheeseboard and knife set comes complete with Stilton Knife, a hard cheese knife and a cheese fork, all cleverly hidden under the laser engraved cheery wood cheese board when not in use.



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