Batman Batarang Prop Replica 1989




Batman Batarang Prop Replica 1989

“Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

The original Batman Batarang prop from the film that started it all – the original 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton and directed by Tim Burton. 

If you anything like me, then Michael Keaton is the definite Batman, but I suppose, like who is the best Bond, it’s the actor you grew up with. And who could forget Kim Basinger as Vicky Vale? Stunning – I thought nothing could top her (until a few years later when Michelle Pfeiffer starred as Catwoman. That bodysuit!!!!

I remember, when the film came out, I made my own Batarang with the cardboard from an empty cereal box.  I can now finally throw away that old Rice-Krispie Batarang because, now, finally – we have an exact prop replica of the original 1989 Batman Batarang Prop – made by those great chaps at Neca.

It’s 13 inches long and comes with hinges and magnets and folds away nicely, so you can pop it in your utility belt when you go to the shops.

Also included is a spiffing display base (something I never had for my carboard batarang) so you can show off your Batarang prop to all your friends! Wahey!

Great fun for all fans of Batman! Especially fans with good taste who recognise Michael Keaton as the one true Batman




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